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Year 6

A warm welcome to all our Year 6 pupils, parents and carers. We look forward to an exciting year preparing you children for KS2 SATs and for their Secondary education.

This year, Mrs Whitehead is the 6JD teacher and a new member of staff, Mrs McCruden is the 6PS teacher. Mr Turpin is still teaching in Year 6 but will be working with small groups. In addition, Ms Janghir and Mrs Kittsen will be supporting teaching and learning.

Autumn term.

 In English, we are reading 'Holes' by award winning author Louis Sachar. The pupils are already gripped by this novel already as we follow a teen-ager - accused of a crime he didn't commit - to a juvenile detention centre is scorching Texas. As we read, we are practising a wide variety of reading and grammar skills, which enable us to better understand the messages the author has for the reader, and to practise our skills writing about different aspects of the story. During the Autumn term we will write a narrative setting description, non-chronological report and a short story.

In Maths, we have had a geometry focus to begin with, learning to identify, calculate and measure angles. During the rest of the term, we are focussing on place value, the four operations and fractions. 

Our history topic for the Autumn term is Crime and Punishment. We began with a real-life crime scene in our classrooms where we became forensic scientists for the day. During this topic we will:

  • identify the crimes prevalent in Anglo-Saxon England and the justice system at that time.
  • identify crimes punished in Victorian times and the punishments given out in the Victorian system.
  • research the beginnings of the Police force and write a report.
  • research prison design.
  • compare crime and punishment in the past with crime and punishment today.

In Science, we are learning about 'Living Things and Their Habitats'. We will:

  • classify living things using the Lachonaen system.
  • identify micro-organisms including bacteria, fungi and viruses.
  • investigate the best conditions for growing mould.
  • classify living things in our local environment.

A weekly spelling test will take place each Thursday.  New spellings will be distributed each Friday with activities allocated on Spelling Shed. 

This year, P.E. in Y6 will be on Tuesday morning and Wednesday afternoon.  On these days, children are allowed to wear their P.E. kit for the whole day instead of their uniform.  We are very happy to have a coach from the Bradford Bulls working with the children on Boxing skills and to have Mr Jackson teaching gymnastics skills.

At home, it would be beneficial to your child if you can practise times tables with them as these underpin much of the Year 6 maths curriculum. You could use the PIXL app, Sumdog and Maths Shed to help you with this. 

Other ways to help at home:

  • Make sure your child arrives at school ready to learn and on time.
  • Ensure your child has correct school uniform and PE kit.
  • Help your child complete their Homework every week. Homework is distributed on Friday and is to be returned by Wednesday.
  • Read daily with your child from their school reading book, sign their reading record and send to school, so their book can be changed.
  • Practise number bonds, times tables and matching division facts.
  • Practise the skills found in the booklet:  ‘End of Year 6 Expectations’ with your child.

    We look forward to a rewarding year with your children,

The Year 6 Team.