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WC 12th October

Year 1 parents

We have put together a small pack with some work for you to complete over the next week. This is mainly recapping what we have learnt and focussing on key skills Year 1 skills.  

Maths – Place value

  • Please practice counting forwards and backwards to 50. 
  • Find one more or one less than a number to 50. 
  • Practice sounding out and writing numbers in words to 20.
  • Forming numbers the correct way around. 


  • Write a recount of our key story ‘Giraffes can’t Dance’. 
  • Sounding out words and writing short sentences.
  • Making sure letters are sitting on the line.
  • Practice leaving finger spaces between words. 
  • Use Spelling shed for games. 


  • Recap phase 3 sounds. 
  • Practice all the phonics tests (these will include phase 3 sounds only at this stage). 
  • Use active learn to read books. 

Stay safe and we hope to see you all very soon.


Miss Naaz and Miss Dorward