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Speech and Language Difficulties

Speech and language difficulties

Children may have problems with the speech sounds, the development of words they are able to use, the understanding of language or social communication and interaction. We commission a speech therapy assistant, Liz Carmen, who works with our school every week for half a day. She can work with up to 24 children during this time. Children with speech and language difficulties may receive intervention in small groups with the class teacher or a teaching assistant to ensure children are working towards set targets. Alternatively, they may work up to two times a week with our teaching assistant responsible for speech and language intervention in school, Mrs Wilford. Some children, usually with more severe speech and language difficulties, are referred to the Bradford Speech and Language Service and children will be offered appointments to be seen in clinic.

If a child is on the SEN register for speech and language needs, they will have individualised targets. Staff members will then work with your child to help them reach these targets. Their progress will be reviewed regularly. Advice and support may be gained from external agencies like paediatricians and The Speech and Language Team.

Interventions that we offer for speech and language needs include:

Speech and language therapy

Delivered by Mrs Wilford, or 1:1 members of staff for EHCP children, under the direction of the speech and language therapist. Targets and sessions are individualised.

WellComm (Stage 6-8)

The Wellcomm pack assesses current levels of speech and language then there is a programme for staff to follow to help children’s use and understanding of speech progress.