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Physical Difficulties

Physical difficulties

Children with physical difficulties have good access arrangements at St Matthew’s school due to the site being on one level. Smooth paths provide access to both playgrounds. A disabled toilet offers changing and washing facilities. We liaise with the physical difficulties team and can borrow specialist equipment such as large letter key boards, table leg adjusters, easy grip scissors and pencils. Some children may need an individualised care plan and staff may need advice and training to move and handle pupils. This is arranged on a case by case basis. If a child is on the SEN register for physical difficulties, they will have individualised targets and strategies to meet their needs. Staff members will then work with your child to help them reach these targets. Their progress will be reviewed regularly. Interventional support may include activities suggested by the child’s physiotherapist or we run the following.

A variety of fine motor skills activities. 

Aids fine and gross motor skills