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Home Learning

October 2020,

Please can you look at an animated version of our Autumn Core Story which is Mrs Wishy Washy. Encourage your child to join in with the repetitive text and act out the story. Discuss the need for washing hands properly particularly in view of the current health situation.Help your child collect objects of the same colour. If there are some colours they cannot name concentrate on those.We have been talking about birds flying away to warmer countries. The children like this rhyme,

2 little dicky birds sat upon a wall,                                                                                                                                     One named Peter,one named Paul.                                                                                                                                  Fly away Peter,fly away Paul,                                                                                                                                                Come back Peter,come back Paul.

Help your child to make 2 paper birds to go on their fingers. They can hide the birds behind their backs when they 'fly away' and bring them to the front when they 'come back'.

Best wishes from Mrs Dyson.

Below is a list of more general things you can do together and some websites that have some good activities.

Play I Spy.

Share books with your child.Encourage your child to tell you what is happening in the book. Explain the meaning of new words.

Help them understand  how to have a conversation with you and siblings ie. by listening to each other then responding,valuing what the other person says and taking turns to speak.

Play games and do jigsaws together.

Encourage your child to draw with crayons,pencils,felt tips etc. If possible support them in recognising their name and trying to write some of the letters.

Sing Nursery Rhymes together. If they are able, draw attention to words that rhyme.

Count with your child. Show them how to count slowly and carefully as they touch the objects. They can count anything in the house eg. food tins, shoes, toy cars etc.

Encourage your child to use the correct vocabulary to describe the position of things eg. on top,underneath,inside,outside,behind,in front,next to,up,down etc.

Encourage your child to use the correct vocabulary to describe the size, height and capacity of things eg. full ,empty,taller,shorter,bigger,smaller etc.

Make play dough together. There are a number of recipes on the internet. Playing with dough encourages  children to talk as they play.

Talk about changes in the natural world that they may observe in the garden now that it is Autumn eg. flowers dying,leaves changing colour,colder weather etc.

Bradford libraries have activities and story telling sessions at


Username: march20

Password: home


The Websites below have creative ideas, educational, games and lots of activity ideas.

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