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Autism Resources

Here you will find resources to support children with ASD. Just click on the tabs on the right hand side.

Children with ASD or awaiting and ASD diagnosis will find this time particularly challenging. One of the key things that is important for children with ASD is routine. A change in circumstances can prove quite difficult. You may find that children's behaviour may change, they may start asking more questions and they may be finding ways to self regulate and calm themselves, this can be displayed in many forms, humming, talking to themselves, singing and will be individualised to the child. This is normal and no matter what just remember you are doing a fantastic job. 

We have tried to put together a bank of resources that will help you manage this including visual cards, visual time tables and now and next boards. The below website and documents offer advice for the steps you can take in supporting your children at home. If you need any further advice then please get in touch.

Other useful resources can also be found here:

The tabs on the right will give you access to different resources.