Our Church

Links with St Matthew’s Church.

It has been a real privilege, over the year, to have seen the links with the community of St Matthew’s Church grow into the success story that they are now. The lives of the children at school have been deeply enriched by the activities organised by the church and its members and the children and staff have been made to feel so welcome at church.

Just before Christmas, the school was full of the joys of carol singing, with classes and parishioners “swapping” carols and gifts. Prior to that, the children from year 2 had visited the church for the workshop “What’s the Story?” where they learned of the Christmas Story. On their return to school, they were so thrilled with their experience; gleaming smiles filling their faces, eager to share their news at once!

St Matthew’s school choir was invited up to the church to sing at a community service for Easter, which the children always enjoy and rise to the occasion of singing beautifully for different audiences.

Perhaps the most moving activities have been those related to Easter. Year 3 visited the church to take part in a “What’s the story?” workshop, where they learned all about the importance of the Easter story. Our last day of the Spring Term was filled with Easter activities, with a visit from the parishioners bringing each class an activity based around the cross. Palm crosses were shared and each class gave an Easter token or card in return.

It is important that our pupils make links with their local community in preparation for future life. We thank the church and its members for helping to further embed our Christian ethos within our school and look forward to many more joint activities in the terms to come.

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