Our Church

The foundation of our vision, principles, educational approach, and interpersonal connections is rooted in our belief in God and His boundless love for all of us. While we are a Christian school, we embrace students from diverse faith backgrounds and those without a faith, valuing and respecting the beliefs of each individual.

Below are some key aspects of our school:

  • We rejoice each other's religious celebrations
  • We gather for worship both within our school and at the local church, while also exploring various religious traditions to understand our common ground
  • Our school maintains strong ties with St. Matthew’s and St. Stephen’s Church
  • We collaborate closely with the Anglican Diocese of Leeds, receiving guidance and assistance as a Church of England institution
  • Regular visits to St. Matthew’s and St. Stephen’s Church and other places of worship in the local area are part of our routine
  • Daily Collective Worship allows the pupils and staff to deeply think and reflect about the wider world
  • Each classroom has a designated reflection area for individual or group worship and contemplation.
  • Respect for one another, regardless of religious belief, is a fundamental expectation in our school community 

Christmas Workshop:

During the Christmas season, our Year 2 pupils visited St. Stephen's church for an engaging workshop titled 'What's the Story?' This workshop provided them with the opportunity to explore various stations where they encountered individuals dressed in costumes who narrated the Christmas nativity tale. Following the storytelling session, the children crafted bracelets decorated with symbols representing the nativity, serving as a memento to take home and cherish as a reminder of the narrative.


Christian Workshops in School and at the Church:

Vicar Jimmy has conducted several workshops across various year groups, providing students with first hand experiences and deeper insights into the topics being taught:

Year 2 explored infant Baptism in a workshop led by Vicar Jimmy, learning its significance and process.  

Year 3 engaged in a workshop focusing on Christian imagery.

Year 4 explored in a workshop about the Trinity/Incarnation and what this means in Christianity.    

Another workshop about Maundy Thursday was delivered by Vicar Jimmy in which he explained the service which takes place in the church for Maundy Thursday and displayed the different artefacts to demonstrate this. This workshop linked with the ‘Understanding Christianity’ unit of work of ‘Salvation.’

Additionally, Year 4 visited St. Stephen’s church, gaining insights into a local Christian place of worship and its community offerings.

Reception visited St. Stephen's Church to find out about the Easter Story. The children made their own biscuit creation to symbolise the tomb and rock where Jesus was resurrected.


Liturgical Calendar:

In each classroom, there is a set of cloths that reflect the colours of the liturgical calendar. Staff members have undergone training on the appropriate use of these cloths, considering them an excellent method to introduce the Christian calendar in a tangible and visual manner. These cloths serve as the foundation for creating a personalised reflection area in each class.

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