Year 3

Welcome to Year 3.

We have 2 classes in our year group, they are called 3 Titus Salt and 3 Samuel Lister. The class teachers are Mrs Mir and Miss Hanif. 

The classes have been named after 2 important British figures who made a huge impact in Bradford.

Sir Titus Salt was a manufacturer, politician and philanthropist in Bradford. He is best known for having built Salt's Mill, a large textile mill, together with the attached village of Saltaire, West Yorkshire.

  Can you find any other facts about him?

Samuel Lister was an English inventor and industrialist, famously known for inventing the Lister nip comb. He also contributed in making a wool-combing machine. 

BBC - Bradford and West Yorkshire - A Sense of Place Can you name the famous mill named after him? 


The adults who work in Year 3 are called Mrs Mir, Miss Ibrar, Miss Hanif, Mrs Kauser and Mr Ahmed. 

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