Physical Education 

PE Long term plan


At St Matthew's our philosophy is to provide a PE curriculum that is inspiring, engaging, and high energy. At St Matthew's, we aim to foster a positive relationship with active living and embed a desire for personal improvement. Our children strive to develop games play, positive learning outcomes, and transferable skills that allow them to access any physical activity of their choice through a progressive scheme that focuses on object control, stability, locomotion, knowledge and understanding, and health and wellbeing.  



Our PE curriculum has been carefully developed for our pupils. Guidance from the ‘Association for Physical Education’ and ‘Yorkshire Sport Foundation’ together with ‘PE PRO’ have enabled St Matthew’s to create and deliver a well-sequenced curriculum of study, in a logical order, based on sound educational research, allowing children to build on prior learning. 



Our PE curriculum allows children to understand the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle through physical activity. Through competitive team games they have the opportunity to build teamworking skills and confidence which allows them to flourish.