At St Matthew’s we provide a rich, inclusive and diverse curriculum linked to our Christian vision, designed to enable each child to be the best that they can be, living life to the full (John 10:10). Our curriculum provides a broad, balanced and progressive education with the highest expectations of all pupils and aims to promote a lifelong love of reading and learning. It is delivered through subject specific learning, developing knowledge and key skills, courageous advocacy and individual confidence. The children’s spiritual, moral, social, emotional and academic development is at the heart of school life.  Well-being and mental health are key elements and ensure that our children are well prepared to be confident, educated citizens in a global world.


Our curriculum is delivered through subject specific teaching and learning, developing knowledge and key skills in line with National Curriculum expectations.

Subject Leaders map out curriculum overviews for their subjects ensuring that there is progression both within and between year groups and that knowledge and skills, are taught sequentially within a subject area and fulfil the high standard of our curriculum intent.

Subject Leaders promote and monitor their subject carefully, coordinating professional development, resources and support for staff. Quality first teaching ensures pupils remain eager to learn and are able to access the learning, show progress and remain lifelong learners. Working together with other schools allows us to moderate and assess our provision.

Visiting speakers and off-site educational visits contribute to the implementation of our engaging curriculum. A range of after school clubs available for all pupils ensures the curriculum offer to pupils is rich and creative and that pupils are offered every opportunity to develop their unique gifts.


The strength of our curriculum is seen in the pupils’ enjoyment and engagement within each subject. We are proud that they know WHY they are learning things, from timetables to gardening skills, as well as understanding WHAT they are learning.

We constantly focus on placing the learning in context. We aim to develop an understanding and appreciation of the value of each subject in the context of, for example, our global history, personal wellbeing, creative and cultural industries and career possibilities.

The curriculum contributes to our pupils’ personal development in creativity, independence, judgement and self-reflection. This is seen when they talk confidently to others about their work and learning.

Progress will be shown through outcomes and through the important record of the process leading to them. Evidence for impact will be from looking at pupils’ work as they gain skills and knowledge, observing how they perform in lessons and talking to them about what they know.

Further Information 

Should you require any further information on the curriculum, please contact the school office.