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Welcome to St Matthew’s!

I am delighted to be the headteacher of St Matthew’s. Standing at the gates to greet our wonderful pupils with their smiling faces, eager to learn and grow, is one of my greatest joys.

Aspirational optimism, good mental health and well-being are key elements that promote a positive attitude to learning and we actively welcome collaborative work with families and the wider community to instil a lifelong love of learning and success.

Our main priority this year is to enable our pupils to make rapid progress in all areas of their learning and development. We work continually for excellence in education, developing knowledge and skills, together with a profound awareness of the importance of wisdom, hope, and dignity all rooted in God’s abounding love.

We aim to live out our Christian vision as an inclusive school which seeks to recognise and value the unique gifts of every child and makes sure that all pupils, including those with SEN and disabilities, are supported to learn in a nurturing environment to reach their best potential. We want our pupils to succeed and shine brighter, and this will continue to be at the heart of our community as we grow and learn together.

The curriculum at St Matthew’s is continually adapted and developed to address the changing needs of all pupils, supporting them to enjoy learning and become confident citizens. This curriculum includes a strong focus on vocabulary, reading and oracy, helping to address language barriers that pupils may face. The curriculum gives equal value to pupils’ social, emotional, cultural, intellectual and physical development.

We look forward to welcoming you!
Mrs Deborah Evans