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Year 6

Happy New Year and a warm welcome to all Year 6 parents, carers and pupils.

In 2020, children in Year 6 continue to be taught in two calsses. Mrs Whitehead is 6JD class teacher and Mr Carberry is 6PS class teacher. Our Learning Support Assistants Miss Devi, Mrs Khan and Mrs Watson are working closely with the teachers to support your children's learning. As the final year in primary school, year 6 is a crucial time where pupils prepare to take the Key Stage 2 SATs in May; we have already had half the learning time before SATs. For It is an exciting time when pupils need to work with greater maturity, focus and energy in order to meet the expected standard in reading, writing and maths. 

In order for pupils to make the maximum progress, pupils are split ito three sets for English and Maths with one set being taught by  Miss Deane. In addition, SATs boosters take place in the ICT Suite every morning until Friday 8th May. Year 6 teachers work closely with the booster staff to ensure that the curriculum taught in the classroom is supported by work in boosters. In addition, Year 6 have subscriptions to PiXL APPs, ‘Sumdog’, ‘Active Learn’ and ’’ where children can access a wealth of English and Maths online games and videos. Please take advantage of these and CGP revision books, which will be given out at Parents Consultation meetings, to help your child prepare for the SAT tests.

In English, we are reading Trash.  Set in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,  we follow the life of an orphan living on the Behala dumpsite. This is an exciting and fast moving story of how a boy's life can change dramatically when he finds a bag containing clues to a crime! We will compose a several different genres of writing based on this high quality novel.

Each morning we begin the day with guided reading. Currently we are reading a variety of non-fiction texts, poems and short stories in an anthology called Thrills and Spills. Using the ipads, we are practising our reading skills daily focussing particularly on understanding vocabulary in context, retrieval and inference skills.

In Maths we are working on decimal numbers, percentages, algebra, measures, area, perimeter and volume and ratio. This is a challengeing term of new curriculum which is taught through reasoning and problem solving activities. In addition we have a daily focus on timetables and invite you to assist you child by practising regularly at home. Every Friday we will work on our arithmetic skills to prepare for Maths Paper 1, arithmetic. 

This term we will continue units of work from the International Primary Curriculum. Currently the pupils are studying a unit of work on ‘Existing and Endangered’. In Science, we’ll be finding out:

  • How and why living things are classified
  • How a vertebrate and an invertebrate are different
  • How to classify local plants and animals
  • About the effects of food chains in our locality
  • About friendly and unfriendly micro-organisms
  • How fungi are different from plants and animals
  • Why composting is good for the environment

As part of this topic pupils will use their technology skills to design and build their own compost bin.

After the half term break out topic will be Full Power. 

n Science, we’ll be finding out:

  • How to make an electrical circuit
  • How we can change a circuit
  • How to draw a circuit diagram
  • How to build circuits from diagrams
  • About different kinds of circuits
  • How to make an electric wire-loop game
  • About electricity and heat
  • About the dangers of electricity

In Technology, we’ll be finding out:

  • How to design a car’s headlights, horn and fan

We are looking forward to inviting you to join with us for our exit point activities.

If you need any information or advice, please feel free to come and speak to a member of the year 6 staff.

Thank you for your help and support,

The Year 6 team.

Mr Carberry, Miss Deane and Mrs Whitehead