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Year 4

Welcome back to school, and welcome to Year 4.

In the Autumn term we will be looking at The Night Gardener in our English lessons and trying to write our stories using descriptive language. 

Reading and comprehension continues every week with texts, which are often related to our book. We will focus on new words from the text and inference skills (reading between the lines). Please remember to listen to your child read regularly at home, ten to 15 minutes, five times a week. Please help support your child’s learning. 

In Maths this term, we will be developing our knowledge on the year 4 maths scheme, which includes place value, ordering and comparing 4-digit numbers, negative numbers, addition and subtraction, geometry and time.  We also have a huge school focus on word problems where the children have to apply their skills to everyday scenarios.

Remember to continue to practise your times tables. We need to know All our multiplication tables by the end of this year!

Our history topic this term is 'Ancient Egypt'. We will be discovering  what it was like to live in Ancient Egyptian times, who the Egyptians were, mummification, hieroglyphics and Egyptian Gods.  The children will be able to research information that they want to find out at school, but any time they have at home to research will be fantastic. Hopefully by the end of the topic all the children will be experts!

In Science this term we are concentrating on States of Matter.  We will look at solids, liquids and gases, heating and cooling investigations and the water cycle. The children will be able to complete experiments and really get their scientific brains working hard.

Here's to another successful half term year 4!