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Week beginning 27th April

Hi everyone ! 

Hope you are all staying safe. Miss Naaz and Miss Woodcock-Shaw are missing you all very much and hope to see you soon!

In Maths this week we will be recapping lots of fun things that you have already learned in school. There are 4 lessons available for you to complete this week. You can also use this link to watch helpful videos on each topic.

Monday - Making doubles 

Tuesday - Making equal groups (grouping) 

Wednesday - Making equal groups (sharing)

Thursday - Halving. 

For English you will be able to access recourses through this link :

Please complete the following two tasks through this website : Sams sandwich and Instructions to commit a set of instructions to memory. 

Our Phonics sounds this week are : ai, ay and a-e. We have attatched an activity for you to complete where you are sorting sounds. This video will help you . There are also sound flashcards for you to practice your sounds. 

There is an RE booklet attatched that you will use over the next few weeks learning all about God. 

In IPC you will be labelling different parts of a tree.