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School Parliament

The School Council is your way of ensuring that any changes that you want happen within school take place. Each class from Year 1 to Year 6 has one school councillor who attends a meeting once every two weeks. You can talk to your school councillor about any ideas that you might have to help improve our school and make it a better place to learn. You could talk about things such as fundraising, behaviour and playtimes. If you don’t get the chance to talk to your councillor, every class has a box in which you can put your suggestions and these will be reviewed at each meeting. Take a look at our notice board for things that we can do and things that we can’t. We look forward to hearing your suggestions.



Thank you to everyone who supported our Red Nose Day fundraising. The cake sale went fantastically and everyone looked great in red. The final total raised was £861.18. 


School Council News.

School Council have worked extreamly hard on their Road Safety Campaign. They enjoyed holding an Assembley for the school and local councillors, running a workshop for parents and acting as traffic wardens handing out some fake tickets to parents. We enjoyed taking on this responsibility and have seen a huge difference in parking around school. 

During our next school council meeting we will be discussing ways in which we can raise money for school. One of the most common suggestions we have is for an improvement in playground equipment. If you have any ideas then please pass these on to your class councillor. 


Remember to keep your suggestions coming to us and we will see what we can do!