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Pupil Voice Policy

Pupil Voice Policy: November 2012


The United Nations Convention on the rights of children, Article 12, states that children should be free to express their views on issues which concern them.

The Education Act 2002 required schools to have regard to any guidance given by the secretary of state or National Assembly relating to consultations with pupils about issues which directly affect them. This was extended further in the Education and Skills Act 2008. In the 2008 Act, the governing body of a school must consider any relevant views expressed by pupils when making certain decisions, albeit taking into account the age and understanding of pupils.

Ofsted also now gives pupils opportunities to give views about their education as part of the inspection process. It also supports Article 12 of the United Nations Convention on the rights of the child (UNCRC) which concerns giving children the right to put forward their views and ensuring that those views are taken seriously.

Pupil Voice at St Matthew’s COE Primary School

At St Matthew’s COE primary we aim to consider the opinions, ideas and thoughts of the children at our school so that they can participate in the decisions which affect their learning.

We will take into account their views on policies, the delivery of the curriculum, behaviour, uniform, school food and health and safety.

The implementation of the school council will improve motivation, engagement, negotiating skills and give an improved sense of responsibility.

J Shaw