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Hello and Welcome to Nursery Parents.

In Nursery the teachers are Mrs Parsons on a Monday, Tuesday and alternate Fridays and Mrs Barker on a Wednesday, Thursday and alternate Fridays. 

The Early Years Practioner is Mrs Dack who works all week.  Mrs Malik also works all week supporting the children.

CORE STORY -This half term our core story is Supertato.  Supertato is the supermarket potato with eyes everywhere!  Whenever the chips are down in the vegetable section he is there to save the day.  But now there's a pea on the loose. A very, very naughty pea.  Has Supertato finally met his match?

We are also finding out about Superhero's and acting out stories saving people.  We will also be planting vegetables and looking after them so that they grow. 

The children will also be measuring, comparing and weighing vegetables.

TADPOLES - We have some tadpoles in Nursery that the children are enjoying seeing change and grow.  We watched them develop from the Frogspawn and hope to see some change into frogs before we return them to the pond.

SNACK - We now just provide fresh and dried fruit and breadsticks for snack and the children have a choice as to what fruit they have and when they stop for their fruit and milk.  The charge for this half term is £2.50.

You can use the nursery email;, to contact Mrs Parsons or Mrs Barker or send us any other exciting things you take part in or places you visit. 


EMAIL - If we don't already have your Email address please could you give it to us so that we can send you some of the activities your child participates in in Nursery.  You need to accept the invitation for us to be able to do this by clicking on the link in the email from 2Engage which is aprt of 2Build a Profile.  Please be reassured that this is a secure system and the email will only come to your address and is not shared with anyone else.

Please make sure your child comes in clothes that you don’t mind coming home a little bit messy as we love to paint, glue, stick, colour and play in the sand, water and mud kitchen.

Can you please send some wellies in with your child’s name in so that their shoes don't get muddy when playing outside a coat (just in case on sunny days!) and also a sun hat if the weather is warm.  Please make sure you have applied sun tan lotion before your child comes to school if it is sunny.

TRIPS - We are hoping to organise a family trip for all children in June.

Thank you

The Nursery Team