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  • No one told the sunshine.

    Published 27/03/20

    No one Told the Sunshine!

    As I looked out of my bedroom window this morning a thought came into my mind "No one told the sunshine!"

    Over the last few weeks my own anxiety and mood has been a roller-coaster, with more downs than ups. I hit what I refer to as 'the wall' the day before yesterday, which is something I hit in times of trouble before I reach acceptance. It involves tears, an external out pouring of my anxiety and low mood - which is unfortunately contagious to others - and then I usually make a psychological shift towards acceptance.

    In past times, when I have reached acceptance, it's not simply a static state, its more than that, it's a springboard to better things. It's a change in my psyche and a change in my consciousness. And that's the thing, without the negative thoughts that lead me to 'the wall' I am free, free to have better creativity, free to have better feelings and emotions, and free to move forward. It brings hope, optimism and positivity. As human beings we are both priviledged and cursed to have consciousness. If we have a higher level of consciousness we can have a much more positive view of the world, but if this changes, then we move closer to emotional difficulties. Jack Pransky highlights this in his book Somebody Should Have Told Us! a valuable read for those of you who find their solace in reading at the moment, and of course for those of you who discover a new love of reading during this time!

    The sun is shining today because it is not governed by a consciousness that tells it not to. It's not governed by a consciousness to know that it's planet is in crisis right now. It's does not know of the sadness, fear, and challenge faced  by every single person today who share it's planet. Nothing externally has changed for me overnight, but there has been a shift in my consciousness, my thoughts, and my attitude. Since the middle of March (in an effort to keep myself and others well) I have been writing my diaries about my experience of Covid-19 - as a person who experiences Anxiety, as a Small Business Owner, and as an average women in the street (or not as is now the case). To date it is written in the mind-set of someone struggling incredibly with this, but I've made a firm commitment to challenging my consciousness to be the sunshine. There are no guarantees I will sustain this, but I'm aiming for a higher level of consciousness in my thinking. "No one told the Sunshine" is my personal line in the sand to move forward in a different way, but for this to happen I need to change some behaviors too. The actions which will help this are:

    • Reduced exposure to the news reports
    • Making sure I have a creative outlet
    • Taking up running again - which fell by the wayside when my youngest was born in 2016 and because I've been 'busy' running my business and delivering training since 2015
    • Writing it out when I need to 
    • Maintaining telephone contact with loved ones, and visual contact with those who have the digital tools for this
    • Reaching out and supporting others in the best way that I can
    • Remembering all the positive memories I'm lucky to have
    • Thinking about future hopes and dreams
    • Spending time with my husband and boys (though my husband is a key worker so we won't be together all the time), and keeping good phone contact with my daughter and grand-children
    • Committing to the things I am encouraging in others to do, like trying to be Resilient in the face of this adversity Self-confession time: I'm not always the best at taking my own advice and self-care. It was my New Years Resolution, and is a work in progress!

    I've seen today's sunshine as a light of hope, it will surely rise each day whether the day has seen an increase in Covid-19 numbers, or whether it has seen a decrease. I can only control myself in relation to those numbers by following the advice and guidance from the UK GovernmentWHO, and NHS.

    Because we all have to find our own path through these challenging times, it's impossible for anyone to say what works for someone else. What works is what is right for YOU, but there is help to guide you, to help you to make informed choices, whether that is about wellness and safety, or about challenging your own thoughts and consciousness. Below are some links to organisations and tools that may help you find your way.

    Credit goes to the organisations listed, and we thank them in advance for sharing their information with us:

    For the kids:

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  • Resources to help you

    Published 27/03/20

    Useful resource about mental well being during the pandemic.

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  • The Big List of Children’s Authors Doing Online Read Alouds & Activities

    Published 20/03/20

    A range of authors are reading books for children and posting videos for you to watch for free.


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  • Bradford Stories from Family Zone

    Published 20/03/20

    In response to schools closing, the National Literacy Trust have created Family Zone, a one-stop shop for parents full of helpful resources, videos, apps, websites and more.

    They will be updating this continuously and bringing on board new partner content and things we create in-house for parents and children to access whilst they are at home.

    Their focus as a literacy Hub switches to how we might support families whilst they’re at home and we will be doing weekly book and activity pack drop-offs (while stock lasts) for families at home.

    If you are interested in this please contact them on:


    Mobile (please text)- 07736280323

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  • Update: School Closure Information

    Published 19/03/20

    Please see the attached letter for the most recent update and information regarding school closure commencing Friday 20th March 2020.

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  • 50 Things to do

    Published 19/03/20

    We wanted to support parents of young children in the Bradford District with ideas for activities to try at home while they might be more limited than usual. 50 Things To Do Before You’re Five launched nearly two years ago, offering play-based, fun opportunities to support the learning of very young children.

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  • Ideas for home - Family's together

    Published 18/03/20

    Families Together – Don’t let COVID Colin spoil the fun!

    This group is live and is being used for the sharing of opportunities – online and in the family home/garden - to keep families with children occupied during the pandemic restrictions.

    The content will be family-friendly and intended to promote, where possible, educational activities and stimulus for children to help to keep them engaged.

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  • Ideas for home Bricks 4 Kids

    Published 18/03/20


    From Monday 23rd March, this page will be offering LEGO brick building challenges 3 times per week. Grown-ups will be able to encourage their builders to create a model at home and then have an image of the build uploaded.

    There will also be a competition – or competitions – shared on this page.

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  • Year 2 Church Visit

    Published 17/12/19

    Year 2 church visit

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